PD sessions for June

There are a number of exciting ICT Professional Development workshops being provided around the schools and it's great to see a lot of schools and teachers getting together to share resources, knowledge and ideas.

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IT Marathon - April 2010 - Al Ain

Shakboot boys developing their Plotter

The IT Marathon team from Shakboot

The final product - the plotter

IT Marathon: Congratulations to Shakboot (April 2010)

Hussain, Qais, Richard and the students who participated in this year’s IT Marathon at Abu Dhabi University, Al Ain last Thursday. One team, together with a team from Ghantoot Boys participated in the programming section and one team entered into the showcase section. The three Grade 11 boys in the showcase section came second with their robot. The boys have only had the NXT robot kits for three weeks but in this time they have designed a plotter which was programmed to write words. The WEDO and the NXT are an excellent tool for integration and getting students thinking outside the square. Great motivation for our future scientists, engineers etc.

Future Schools Design Competition 2009September - November 2009

Two Cognition Schools made it to the final
18 schools in Abu Dhabi for the 2009 FSDC.
Gavin McLean's
2 schools, Muawiah Bin Abi Sufyan Boys Prep School, Al Ain Boys Primary and Secondary School and Al Manaseer Girls Secondary in Al Ain worked with with Alison Bowden.

Here are some photos from the FSDC.
FSDC_Officers_club_1.jpg FSDC_Officers_club_6.jpg
FSDC_5.jpg board-8.jpg
Al Ain Boys Secondary School

FSDC_Officers_club_10.jpg FSDC_Officers_club_9.jpg

Muawiah Bin Abi Sufyan Boys Prep School

September - Congratulations to John's team from Ghantout who came 2nd in their category at the Robotics Olympiad.

To order robotics look under the Resources page on the left or for Bee-Bots, Roamers and Mindstorms contact:
Saud Rahman, Sales & Marketing Manager, NMC Trading, P.O. Box 6222, Abu Dhabi, Tel. +971-2-6735165 Xtn 242, Fax. +971-2-6734122, Tel. +971-2-6733123 (Direct), Mobile - +971-50-5114246, E-mail : saud@nmc.ae

for Wedo: Neveen Kotb (in the photo below) Edutech, Mobile 971 50 526
7619 or neveen@edutech.com

Rose - 11 Sept - PD Day at the Palm Resort, Al Ain


I hope you all got something out of the ICT PD yesterday. I have had masses of positive feedback. Many thanks to my team for the effort they put in. It was particularly intimidating for the new staff to get up in front of colleagues but they did a fantastic job. We have an excellent range of specialist skills and I know this is going to be an excellent year for ICT. Rollon rollout - let me know - add on to this Wiki - if, or when, you get resources from ADEC so we can all share your joy and keep our optimism high.

You could see the level of engagement of the team when the robots came out so you can imagine how engaging they are in the classroom. Students learn without realising. They are excellent for all curriculum areas and there are robots for all grade levels. They are excellent from special ed through to gifted and talented so go to it team! Sharpen those pencils and get out the CAPEX forms!

Go to the link on the left pane ICT Resources to find the information I have to hand on ordering robots.

Notes on what was covered yesterday are under the Notes pages - link on the left pane.

Best wishes for a good start to the week.

Have a look at this wiki - great example of how someone has put together a heap of resources for everyone to share - its what Web2 is all about! http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/?responseToken=a62855ba4d3ae0ba6b60688919722640

You are all welcome to upload any resources you would like to share with colleagues and you are welcome to use any of the resources that have been uploaded by your colleagues.

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Teachers: http://delicious.com/4uaeteachers
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Below are a list of our 24 schools and the grade levels they are each at. I have also added which year of the contract they are in.

Kindergarten - 3 - (KG1-2): Al Banafsaj (Al Ain) Year 2 Al Forsan, Baniyas (year 3) Al Hedaya (Abu Dhabi (Year 2)

Primary - 7 - (Grade 1 - 5):
Al Ain: Al Jood Girls (Year 2), Al Jimi Boys (Year 2) Al Raaqiya Girls (year 3) Al Masoudi Boys (Year 3)
Baniyas: Al Noor Girls (Year 3)
Abu Dhabi: Umm Habiba Girls (Year 2) Al Ameen Boys (Year 2)
Cycle 2:
Preparatory -
4 - (Grade 6 - 9)
Al Ain:
Muawiah Boys (Year 2) Al Hadara Girls (Year 2)
Baniyas: Mariam Bint Omran Girls (Year 3) Al Muatassem Boys (Year 3)

Secondary -
10 - (Grade 10 - 12)
- NOTE: some of my spelling may be incorrect here)
Al Ain: (all these are Year 1 schools) Al Ain Boys Primary/Prep/Secondary, Khalifa Bin Zayed Boys, Umm Al Emarat Girls, Al Manaseer (not sure whether male or female) Shakbout Bin Sultan Boys (Al Yahar) Al Naeem Girls (Al Yahar)

Baniyas: Al Mafraq Girls (Year 2) Ghantout Boys (Year 2)

Abu Dhabi: Um Al Emarat Girls, Salamah Bint Buit Girls - both these are new schools.